Койловеры audi a4 b5

рейтинг: 4.4 - 33 voice
  • Дата публикации: 05 March 2018
  • Просмотры: 429
  • Длительность: 00:05:48


Raw_xleo 05 March 2018

What’s the off set on the wheels

Jordan Erickson 08 March 2018

great vid. Id recommend the black interior swap however. It looks sooooooooooooo much better lol. Gray granny seats should have never even been an option in the S4

Neil Craig 11 March 2018

Are these reliable cars or do they cost alot to maintain

KiloEchoVictory 16 March 2018

Hey guys! I literally just traded for an A4 yesterday that has ST coilovers. Good stuff, barn builds - Audi fun - new sub - yeah!

Mx661 19 March 2018

My b5 quattro is a absolut pain in the ass to work on. Bolt sits like a motherfucker. And multible bolt broke of. Started changing to coilovers on friday and stil im not done

AudiThis World 25 March 2018

Hey guys! If I can get some subscribers it would mean a lot to me. I also have a b5 Audi a4 so you if you like German cars give my channel a shot I got some new stuff coming soon. Thanks!

Diego Bolt 31 March 2018

check out edgemotors youtube channel for all types of vw/audi vids. you didn t have to remove all that from the front end. just the top bolts and tie rod comes right out. great vids.

Zak Yanez 06 April 2018

the germans must be so salty at all the work your putting into that audi lol

azdesertdog 13 April 2018

Looks great! I forget how bad the salt back there effects the chassis. Out here except for rock chips the underside of cars are fairly pristine.

WastegateWarriors 18 April 2018

nice vid guys! Love the ST s, that s a solid setup. Had to cut the top bolts holding the struts when I did suspension on my GTI. Almost burned the car down but other than that everything went smooth haha. -Alex

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