Top gear bugatti veyron vs mclaren f1

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PokerPariah 16 February 2018

According to former McLaren CEO Ron Dennis, this race was staged and it took ten runs for the Bugatti to beat the McLaren.

Lord Humungus 21 February 2018

porshe 959, McLaren F1 and ferrari F40 best cars ever made!

Shadow Claw 27 February 2018

In my opinion I think both are ugly but the F1 is the ugliest of the two.

rhpicayune 02 March 2018

I d still rather have the loser the F1! ALWAYS a winner in my book!

Damien Pol 03 March 2018

Currently, the Veyron offers better value for money for the budget-conscious motorist.

pollito con papas 05 March 2018

Una transmisión automática actual y adiós chiron!

GUILLE PRO 08 March 2018

Pero el McLaren F1 es del 1994 o del 2005?

Goldenbeard Official 14 March 2018

i want to see bugatti chiron vs agera rs vs hennessey f5

matt R 16 March 2018

I doubt that they actually used gold to line the engine bay, due to cost and density. It s probably just polished brass.

paxwallacejazz 22 March 2018

I just want to see how well the F1 keeps up.close

Julien Lindauer 27 March 2018

Fun fact: Hammond didn’t put the Veyron’s launch control to make the race even more interesting! And see the result! Wow.

Spencer Leeper 01 April 2018

How about a new f1? Or, a new car sort of like it, maybe a 570s with a middle driver seat, manual transmission, NA engine with 500 hp or so, and a lack of electronics, and great handling characteristics done entirely without computer intervention. That s what we need.

Deleted ions 05 April 2018

The F1 is 15x more impressive being 15yrs older and being a much bigger prize car. Veyrons are somehow almost common. I ve seen two in the country side.

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