2014 super sport chevrolet

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  • Дата публикации: 05 May 2018
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Potato 06 May 2018

The police have these where I live

dan hollis 13 May 2018

this guy is so funny, ive been laughing my ass off watching him!

Ramon Pena 15 May 2018

8 minutes and 18 seconds into Chevy SS review and chill ass he gives you this look. 😂😂 love this guy, lets turn onto this straight road

BornToBeFamed 19 May 2018

Cant believe gm is letting holden go 😞

Gamble_Da_Prince93 24 May 2018

45K? Please these new Chevys not even worth 12k

ShadowTheBoss 28 May 2018

Chevy didn t do anything to much that has to do with the car besides making it Differently for the US, But you should thank Holden for the design

GMC Denali 717 02 June 2018

Awesome car I d love to own one, but I m gonna have to get a Silverado I d rather have a truck

Danny d 06 June 2018

the 2014 model is the oldest ss they have right?

Tafari Boozer 09 June 2018

This is a Badass Chevy SS as soon as he hit the gas the wind got knocked out of his chest he had to clear his throat so he could speak lol!

Tyrone Fries 12 June 2018

2014 are going for 30 for what you get it is well worth

Mikael Aria 18 June 2018

do a review on the ford taurus SHO

Michael Mohrle 19 June 2018

Here is what my showroom catalogue says when Chevy brought back impala ss in 2004 page four. SUPER SPORT. The modern interpretation of the classic muscle car. . it s the bagde that made Impala, Chevelle, Camero and Monte Carlo automotive legends. It s what we call Super Sport.

Michael Mohrle 23 June 2018

Exactly, I know it s not. but should be. 4 door sedan high performance, ss means super sport model. monte carlo ss. camaro ss. impala ss.etc.

Tuan H 29 June 2018

This car looks very agressive in person.

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