Chevrolet silverado 3500 hd

рейтинг: 1.65 - 2 voice
  • Дата публикации: 09 May 2018
  • Просмотры: 12
  • Длительность: 00:08:39


Dem K. 09 May 2018

Code forbidden AE styles status grade D with ESC.

Dem K. 13 May 2018

All trucks wider rear track than front track bodyworks with double rear wheels which are forbidden to build : the lowest traction 0.7g, extreme tail flick, extreme slide, over 100 l/100km with test F1 speed and test maximum. End report. From All brands database

Paden Elliott 16 May 2018

Just watch the TFL truck video on this truck even though I can pull 30000lbs like the dodge and ford. It pulls almost its max capacity better than the other trucks do. I m just trying to clear the air a little.

Bruce Wayne 22 May 2018

My Toyota can pull all those John deer tractor too.

21 Fun Street 28 May 2018

Funny to see this video from a german perspective :D that presenter is such a typical american

Cade Strange 03 June 2018

The ultimate towing machine? Max towing is 23,000 pounds. That’s cute compared to the ford and dodge

Jackson Gibbens 06 June 2018

Excellent review with quality video

J Patt 10 June 2018

Beautiful truck fantastic review thank you I have a 2015 2500 HD Duramax Diesel I do the same type of Towing at times and my 15 has more than enough power so I m sure that new engine is amazing

CharlietoKind 15 June 2018

lol just out of curiosity I ve always wanted to hook up one of these trailers to my accord and see if my accord can stop it going down hill in the dirt grade. loll.

CKal1990 21 June 2018

Great review! Keep them coming!

whiteandnerdytuba 25 June 2018

1 Ton price for 3/4 ton towing capability

siggi smalls 26 June 2018

would be interesting to know how much shit this tractor blows out compared to a Golf. this stupidity can t be topped! foolishamerica

akian hossain 28 June 2018

Ofcourse the emission doesn’t matter! Tell that to our kids and their kids. You moron!

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