Dodge charger краш тест

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  • Дата публикации: 28 February 2018
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SonzillaGTR 28 February 2018

Is it just me or does it seem the airbags get really soft as the head is still traveling forward? Looks like the head hits the dash.

Mario Rosas De la torre 07 March 2018

Wait this is at 35mph? Fml Ima die

James Mcarton 13 March 2018

Seems very safe in the inside nice

L Jackson 20 March 2018

if they testing it at 35 mph, as in a head On collision that s pretty bad, nobody goes 35 mph on a Highway, where most head ons, happen, imagine the damage at 60 to 75, chance possibly for survival. the whole car will pave in.:(

Abraham Lopez 27 March 2018

Quick question, why didnt the side airbags deploy? I saw that their wasnt any damage to the side of the charger, but i thought the sensors deploy all airbags in the vehicle?

Victor W 30 March 2018

Confused. Just saw a crash test with the 2016 Challenger on IIHS Youtube channel. It said the Challenger was so unsafe, they spent extra time trying to extract the crash dummy. Now this channel says the Charger is 5 stars. Which one is it? This is the test I m referring to. Please take a look.

smile cute 02 April 2018

wait a 2016 car crash on no side airbags deploy?really

JohnnyBoyCali 03 April 2018

They made it look just like the dodge dart.

zip89105 08 April 2018

Why are the windows down on the tests lately?

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