Dodge wm300 power wagon

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  • Дата публикации: 06 February 2018
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Cameron McPeak 06 February 2018

Thats why there called crash boxes haha. Love he vid and would love an update one day!

formerice 12 February 2018

1 st gear is dead low, you use 2nd to take off with. Dead low for use on the farm/work. If you drove a 1940 s Ford or Chevy, they would have been similar. Take it off road, it will go anywhere

Robert Lee 15 February 2018

This twat needs to burn in Toyata Hell. What a douche!

Twinhit 22 February 2018

It seems my computer screen is made of rubber.

Danno Quin 26 February 2018

Your RPM is too high in each gear, them Pistons are swapin holes! Start out in second gear. Once you learn to feel the engine then you will learn to down shift properly.

carl st.clair 02 March 2018

how about the slant six power wagon

Juan Manuel Maldonado Romero 08 March 2018

This is amazing. I would love one of these. Congratulations from here of Colombia.

bradleyfsx 09 March 2018

That is the single most accurate fire truck sound I have ever heard. You sir have true talent.

Dave Bickel 12 March 2018

Thanks all. You re right. 1st gear is not synchro! Now that I start off in 2nd and keep the RPMS down no more gear grinding or over revs! I also changed the carb, adjusted the linkages for more pedal run-out, and remembered how to drive the old gear boxes. I will post another ride soon. 

cruyeda 15 March 2018

Dude, pull into the slow lane unless you re going to turn left.

flight2k5 18 March 2018

they only made like 200 ibft. They get away with having low gears.

Jonathan Jones 21 March 2018

I was under the impression that the old Power Wagon relied almost entirely on torque for pulling power.

flight2k5 27 March 2018

only 1st wasnt syncro d all the rest were.

flight2k5 02 April 2018

and they dont make a lot of torque. They rely on gears to get anything done

montwolfman 08 April 2018

Thanks for posting Dave. On the bye and bye.she ll shift easier with lower RPM s and double clutch each shift!

amflashback 12 April 2018

That flathead six won t last long if he keeps running the RPM s so high. Start out in 2nd gear and let the torque do the work. Flatheads don t rely on horsepower, they rely on torque.

Mullay2 19 April 2018

That old boy needs to learn how to double clutch! There are no synchros in a Powerwagon.

dwi189 21 April 2018

Is it just an illusion from the camera or does the cab and windshield frame actually bend and twist as much as it seems to be doing in the video?

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