Додж челленджер хот вилс

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Wicked Gamer 09 May 2018

It’s no a charger it’s a challenger lol lol😅

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Lps 14 May 2018

I have dat grey one then I saw the purple one but I did not think it was a challenger and it was 😭

Kourtney Jackson 15 May 2018

I have one of those dodge challengesers tüer gio nöç Pyn3e3Г pynk3 frençer pla si e pastan xiop ghe

Miguel Agius 21 May 2018

Can you do a tournament of toyota supras pls

Diecast City 26 May 2018

It s not a charger it s a challanger

xXBlueXxXNinjaXx 29 May 2018

They are ducking Challengers! Not chargers!

KEON Ali Vlogs 31 May 2018

Where is the one with the orange glass panes and the black paint job?

Leonard Popescu 04 June 2018

Silver challenger Dodge is me hot wheels car

the romanian 06 June 2018

these are my fovorite cars! <3 <3

Jackson the duud McCall 07 June 2018

Ever since I saw the title I knew he would mess up and say charger. ALOT

Gus Polar Bear 10 June 2018

the video challenger but there chargers

Bruno Rodriguez 15 June 2018

I ve got a dodge callenger colour dark red and lines black

Timika Jointer 16 June 2018

16 elimination hyper exotic cars!

Luke Tansiongco 18 June 2018

I have the matte and the mopar ones too!

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