63 benz cls mercedes

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  • Дата публикации: 01 March 2018
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UFC and MMA 02 March 2018

I have this Car 60 000€ price in Germany

Maria Canova 06 March 2018

Mercedez benz CLS better and best than BMW

TOLGA 11 March 2018

Let s look at MERCEDES NEW CLS AMG Also this is new key MERCEDES CLS AMG KEY You can also look NEW MERCEDES CLS AMG SHAPE This is the NEW MERCEDES CLS AMG SCREEN. We understand THIS IS THE NEW MERCEDES CLS AMG. so Why we re watching this video.

R J 15 March 2018

Holy Lord. This ride is the devil.

Big Quevoo 16 March 2018

I don’t get it, facelift c43 and c63 gets beautiful exhaust pipes but they cheap out on the CLS 😐

Bože čuvaj Hrvatsku 21 March 2018

Don’t need to talk about the key for 10 times

Jok Prayogo 24 March 2018

Oh my God.I definately want one, do you have White Color?

Riley Banks 28 March 2018

Will be getting one next year, absolutely stunning design. I do prefer the previous generations look though. Literally can t wait for the delivery.

Ξενοφών Οικονομίδης 31 March 2018

Perfect combination of beauty and power

The man in the Iron Mask 03 April 2018

was that the CLS s sound at the beginning?

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