Mercedes benz 300 s cabriolet a

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  • Дата публикации: 02 March 2018
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Dan _ 03 March 2018

Back in the day was beauty and passion. Now it s just profit.

VickTKW Krishnan 04 March 2018

It s even in Mario kart 8 Deluxe

wiseandgreen 08 March 2018

Rolling art. Hard to believe this car was just under $8000 new in 1960, although I guess that was a lot of money at the time.

Maximino Morelos 10 March 2018

beautiful car! it s when Mercedes Benz was producing art on wheels, now is just a bunch of electric cables and LED lights! This car is more that 50 years old and the design of the car still one of the best!

MKROXTON 14 March 2018

That car is one of the most beautiful roadster in the world! The design is amazing. When anybody like this car, watch here too my playlist of the beautifulst old Mercedes-Benz cars:

yahya Ibrahim 19 March 2018

mercedes is the queen of all cars, since it had been born and EVER!

ibbedencoola7 24 March 2018

I have buy this car in Gta 5 online IT calls stirling GT

BALAJI IYENGAR 30 March 2018

fantastic car & even fantastic background music, appreciate every second of this video

Ato Nympha 03 April 2018

10 dislikes on this video? for what? they must be ford enthusiasts

Aleyda Perez 05 April 2018

this one, the bmw 507 and porsche 550 are my most favorite classic cars

sixpoint3 10 April 2018

It s pronounced Rootgue wheels (German Name German pronounciation, please.)

stjarna 3 16 April 2018

Favourite colour for this now I have to say.

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