Мерседес cl 63 amg 2015

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  • Дата публикации: 21 March 2018
  • Просмотры: 590
  • Длительность: 00:01:25


Steel 21 March 2018

Moron at 0:35 whole time looking at another womans ass as the great engine passed him TWICE.

CKoch11 24 March 2018

Haha, fahrende Schwanzverlängerung. Dumm gelaufen wenn man sonst keine Aufmerksamkeit bekommt )

Jacob Tal 29 March 2018

Such a beautiful color combination

Bas bzb 03 April 2018

monaco wordt wel een beetje kneuzendal zo met al die wannabee fotograaf kinderen

MDKSuperCars 08 April 2018

Wat kwam er ookal weer aan waardoor iedereen rende, waarschijnlijk ik ook! Dikke video Hans!

Imad TT 10 April 2018

I d take this or the 65 over the Bentley Continental GT.

Imad TT 16 April 2018

The Mercedes-Benz CL class is such a beautiful car. This is my favourite coupe of all times. Damn man! when the windows are fully down it s just amazing. Such a sexy ass car

Jack Plastow 19 April 2018

Shame the owner can t drive for shit

olny12 23 April 2018

Does Monaco actually have a police force😂😂

Ilija Petrovic 28 April 2018

CL is a MAN S COUPE! Such a mean german machine

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