Porsche stuttgart tennis grand prix

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  • Дата публикации: 04 March 2018
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  • Длительность: 00:08:13


Ved Patel 05 March 2018

Really bad idea to watch nadal and then this match.

cjohagan 12 March 2018

Pliskova was lucky to have still won the point at 4:08 She should have rushed to the net after she lobed Vangeweghe and not stayed on the baseline!

deepak mahajan 17 March 2018

I want pliskova to win slams not pushers. that is shame for tennis

zennie martin 23 March 2018

A big CONGRATULATIONS to you! Keep it up! Figth3!

dominic spiller 27 March 2018

Pliskova is just the better player, does everything better then Vandeweghe

Lena Hofirkova 30 March 2018

so happy for Karolina, fantastic tennis match

Hin Koo 01 April 2018

The movement on clay from both was horrible. They played as if it was a hard court! Close score line though

Ramon Galvez 08 April 2018

One of my favourite players is Pliskova, She is so calm and humble.

Read This 13 April 2018

Thank you, WTA for posting all these match highlights on youtube. Some of us aren’t able to catch the live matches so this is perfect. Plus, really appreciate you put both players in the thumbnail and not give away the winner before watching the video.

moiraine_damodred 17 April 2018

this bitch is wearing a visor indoors

Couargeus 18 April 2018

Coco will be a good for top player.smart girl

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