Renault grand scenic 2017

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  • Дата публикации: 01 April 2018
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  • Длительность: 00:07:36


carwow 02 April 2018

Save an extra £2,000 on a Renault Scenic with Renault’s scrappage scheme. Find out how here:

AndroidGuyPro 08 April 2018

Can you in 2. Row make seats to fiferents angles?

Norberto Castro 09 April 2018

Whats wrong with Renault gearboxes?

HagzPictures 12 April 2018

Can 7 seat MPVs be cool? This one looks the part but isn t

Marius Vlad 17 April 2018

can you do a review on the renault talisman? thanks.

Mihail Dimitrov 19 April 2018

I don t think the interior is boring

ben elfar 22 April 2018

Truth is you are not keen on French cars full stop. No opinion of your own.

PugLordTR 25 April 2018

Why get the grand scenic when you can get an espace

Palmer, By Taylor 29 April 2018

The engines are so underpowered

William Kim 30 April 2018

You don t mention about the size of trunk space - I find it s small for a 7 seater monovolume (the old scenic had great trunk space.

Canal JOÃO DO MINE 04 May 2018

Algum Brasileiro que queria essa scenic aqui ou só eu.

Däne Fjordlùnd 09 May 2018

Has Nissan learned nothing from Ford and VW? These and the Mégane should be rebadged as American Nissans. The Quest was killed and the Sentra is not popular. These would be great, albeit cost effective replacements

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