Fashiontv ftv com elie saab best of haute couture

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  • Дата публикации: 09 May 2018
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josh caramely 09 May 2018

The name of the background music at 7:20!

Nidradee Pongwattanakitkul 12 May 2018

Natasha Poly, Eugenia Volodina, Mariacarla Boscono, Morgan Dubled. Queens <3

davicocktail 17 May 2018

in my opinion this is the best collection, this was my first favorite video of ellie

Cesar Luis Quinteros 23 May 2018


tiolee 29 May 2018

Could someone tell me the song after Madonna s Erotic n the last one?

perfumes 03 June 2018

Daaamn! All models are the queen of the catwalk! This is how real models should walk the runway! And anyone knows model s name @01:34 :) She looks like Adriana Lima

ilovebeinagirl 04 June 2018

Wow, if you think that s simple, I would love to know what you think about Victoria Beckham s designs.

xxdork3 06 June 2018 this is what his other stuff looks like.

Estefany Echeverría 08 June 2018

Weel, I think that s the idea. i mean people could wear those dresses and look good. I love his stile, and it s just another option. :)

Ahmad Ayyash 11 June 2018

i don t want to be rude, but i think his designs are a little bit too simple. he should work on his color coordination. other than that, it s nice.

Val Santos 16 June 2018

Lindos vestidos, um mais bonito que o outro, parabens ao estilita que os criou.

minuette 22 June 2018

he spoiled everything with these huge belts under boobs. anyway cute

schrap72 28 June 2018

It s like being in a candy store. I want one of everything! Everything is so beautiful and lush and voluptuous. What I like best you don t have to be shaped like a rail to wear them. We curvy ladies will make those dresses talk! LOL!

Tavu 30 June 2018

@howcanyoudothistome1 Lujon - Henry Mancini, Enjoy! . kisses

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