2015 subaru sti wrx

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  • Дата публикации: 07 May 2018
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  • Длительность: 00:21:59


Guitars Creed 07 May 2018

I’m a simple man I see a WRX I hit like

Jeffrey Meeks 12 May 2018

I would sell my 350z for one of these in a few years since i need a car with more room then my z but i like the cupholders which my z dont have lol & storage space but im surprised how much leg room the back seat has.

David Janitschek 19 May 2018

Its not as impressive as the previous gens

Hague Films 25 May 2018

Check out my google+ page. Subaru Impreza & BRZ

Paul 28 May 2018

3:41 you have a mean looking STI with that kind a horn! That sounds like a Corolla!

TheDark Nite 30 May 2018

Great little car. The horsepower is too much and the gas mileage is terrible. Give me a modified Impreza with 200 hp 2 L engine and I m happy!

Danny López Calderón 03 June 2018

My dream car, I love it, 10/10.

deagle 44 05 June 2018

Would look great with a ducktail imo

RIDE AWSOME 10 June 2018

please review HONDA CIVIC TURBO HATCHBACK 2017 :)

CloroxBleach 14 June 2018

Oh my God an actual key in 2014 thats rare

Cameron Cruz 17 June 2018

So would it be considered sacrilege to get the WRX with the CVT?

BDR392 24 June 2018

How is the ride height compared to the standard WRX? I have don t want to go to a Legacy if I can help it. But the ride/seat height is better from what i can tell.

Eavenhascht Krauger 28 June 2018

SUBARUs have the most Bland interiors.

Waylon Wescott 04 July 2018

thanks so much man! you really helped me choose between a wax and a sit. Sit all the way I m 14 now next year i will be driving and i am definitely getting a 2015 wax STI!

WRX Justin 06 July 2018

I hated on the fact that this car had the same ej motor as all the sti s but now I might get one

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