Аккумулятор субару импреза 2008

рейтинг: 3.75 - 8 voice
  • Дата публикации: 12 January 2018
  • Просмотры: 542
  • Длительность: 00:18:34

В этом видео: дешево, продажа, батарея.


Lar Ada-Koski 13 January 2018

Forgot what video brought me here but I wish you cleaned out the battery area of dirt and corrosion, as well as sanded and panted the hold down bracket.

jamezbond78 16 January 2018

Why did you connect the positive cable first and the negative cable last after you put the new battery in?

Ham Steaks 20 January 2018

Good grief.I used to bitch about GM engineering of that era? Whoever thought up the battery hold down on these Subies should be held down and tickled until they poop themselves!

bbbl67 22 January 2018

Oh the poor cameraman, not only is he a bit under the weather, the star is a bit of a diva too! LOL! Excellent tutorial, and yes, having a problem was helpful in knowing what to avoid!

Merle Dixon 28 January 2018

Informative. I sad faced when you dissed your daughter.

Aimy Krajci 01 February 2018

Helped encourage me with putting in a new battery in my Subaru

CTRCHOICE 08 February 2018

My Outback has eyelets that are attached to the cables. Where do those go?

BlessedHope 14 February 2018

Awesome! Thank you! My problem was the bracket nuts as I had to lubricate them and then find vice grips! These were all rusted. 8 year old battery. Thanks for focusing on those rusted nuts. They were hard to get to with out the vice grips! Now I have a pair of those! ( :

canroc521 17 February 2018

Thanks for the tutorial! As a single mom, it was super instructional and helped me change my own battery for the first time all by myself! :) Also, great job including your own son in the process. nice to see a dad taking time to teach his son things he ll need later in life.

James S 24 February 2018

I just want to point out that when doing this job it s a good idea to take your wedding ring off. Seen a few people get a nasty burn around their ring finger because it grazed a battery terminal. Great video tho!

Dima Klondt 28 February 2018

As I had to do it with my car, I still don t understand the purpose of the plastic tray under the battery. It is not holding anything and the actual metal tray does not have edges, so tying down the battery without that plastic thingie would change absolutely nothing.

Jo Nagle 07 March 2018

Great video! I hope you gave your son a pat on the back for excellent camera work! Also super cute when he says she s a camerawoman, that was precious :):):)

Zisis2000 08 March 2018

Thanks buddy! I couldn t find that button for the life of me.

Brad Davis 11 March 2018

Having just spent a decent amount of time out with my subaru unsuccessfully attempting to remedy a supposed battery problem, this video of Scott and his son was helpful and pretty hilarious! Thanks

kingkongz777 14 March 2018

Thanks man, this was a huge help

David Echeverri 19 March 2018

Nice Video, exactly what I needed, I have the same car and was stuck trying to change the battery of my subaru forester 98

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