Видео субару импреза wrx sti

рейтинг: 1.65 - 2 voice
  • Дата публикации: 05 May 2018
  • Просмотры: 19
  • Длительность: 00:10:34


Tom Bowes 05 May 2018

Lucky for me the non turbo but same body size car is my first car and i tell you what it is a nice car

Nicholas Subaru 09 May 2018

9:08 that s my car, i swear to god that s mine

Murdoc Piccals 11 May 2018

Is it normal to have subsequent eargasms while watching this?

Kale Foley 16 May 2018

What is the year and model of the first one

Alejandro Villada 22 May 2018

I still do not understand the reference of this car. I go to the official page of subaru and I can not find impreza wrx. How can I found it?

Stig WJ 28 May 2018

Nice! My previous car at 8:12. Tanabe 3 turboback exhaust

K03sport 01 June 2018

The least you could have done is give credit to the original uploader/owner of each video to properly give them credit vs listing every video pilfered in some random order.

infernostr 05 June 2018

The new STIs styling are horrible and people thought the hatchback was bad.

Kho Tran 09 June 2018

Hi, at 1:57, does anyone know what exhaust system this is? or what do people think the best not too loud with a humble rumble plus performance exhaust is?

Dylan Dank Memes 11 June 2018

The sound of the Boxer-4 Is music to my ears

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