Desu suki suzuki kun

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  • Дата публикации: 16 April 2018
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Sakura Kagamine 16 April 2018

một câu chuyện tình của 2 cặp đôi, trong đó phức tạp😣😭 nhất là cặp Hikaru và Hohino, sau này lại phải xa cách nhau nhiều khi đọc truyện cũng muốn khóc bên,

Yuromiya -chan 21 April 2018

Everyone ships hikaru and hoshino but somehow I can t find myself to ship them.

Michelle Hoeks 28 April 2018

I m about to cry because i love this manga!

ChocoBerry 02 May 2018

i love shinobu s char, that s cool and sad at the same time, make me happy to know that shinobu with chihiro in the end

yona of the dawn 04 May 2018

In the manga I skipped all of the hikaru and 4 eyes scenes and just move on to chiharu s and the black hair guy!

ぶぶー 09 May 2018

この漫画面白かったよね。 全巻もってるこの人が書いてる漫画全部の種類もってるけど 一番この作品が好きかな。(最後の方が好き)

Trang Quỳnh 14 May 2018

thank you.thank you very much. i have been waiting for to see it. for a long time now.arigatou gozaiimasu.

Nhi Cao 19 May 2018

YOU GUYS ALL SUCK I sense the ships and I love this ship

Nhi Cao 24 May 2018

I m sorry if I forgot their name but I ship the red hair dude with the pink hair girl

Seira2904 30 May 2018

When I found it I thought I was gonna DIE

Dieu Duong 02 June 2018

I would to to have the second main lead couple be the main one. The main characters love is kind of cringe me. I love chihiro so much too. I just hope the author make another version that is about chihiro, I would love that.

ブルーベル 07 June 2018

このマンガ持ってるけど チョーつまんない し ダサイ。 それから 主人公 ダサイ過ぎ

Ye Bah 11 June 2018

Lol I m gonna ship Hikaru and Hikaru no one can stop me love hurts.

Araceli Ortiz 15 June 2018

I feel like the girl with blonde hair is going to ruin their relationship the short one and the girl with pink hair ahhh

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