Gsx r 600 suzuki k3

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  • Дата публикации: 03 May 2018
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Rui S 04 May 2018

Beautiful bike, I had the 2003 750, but just sold it last week. The on on my picture.

DQuincy Lee 07 May 2018

nice bike I have the same one enjoy keep those wheels ↓

Nazgûl 12 May 2018

huh I just saw a similar bike on auto trader with almost the same number plate.just a different letter instead of the R

Alex Watch 16 May 2018

Apart from that monster energy sticker on mudguard, its a beauty

Eric S 20 May 2018

man really like the bike looking at getting one for my first bike too they look really good even though they have the 2014 2015 and i think the 2016 out

Дядя Федя 25 May 2018

Is it hard to learn to ride this Iron Horse?

jondadon 30 May 2018

I have just bought the same bike but a k1 being delivered in 2 days 👌👌👌👌

Anthony Massey 03 June 2018

Same bike bro with m4 standard bolton and pc3 keeps up with the new bikes

D. Nelson 05 June 2018

I have the same Bike feaken love it even more then my CBR600 i use to have

owenplayz games 08 June 2018

Very tidy k3 you have there. Have one as my 1st as well, unfortunately not so mint now lol

Loonboy123 12 June 2018

Nice vid, I like the look of the iridium screen I ve got a K2 600 myself, they go really well

Loonboy123 16 June 2018

Don t break your dad s heart mate and ride safe

harleyjono 19 June 2018

Nice bike dude, like the carbon mudguard :)

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