2004 toyota land cruiser

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  • Дата публикации: 28 February 2018
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Dario Gomez 01 March 2018

Can t wait to find me a Lexus LX 470. Seen many but I really want it in white.

Carol Topp 07 March 2018

Handles amazingly on snow and ice as well. This winter has been brutal in Wisconsin. I m hoping to get another 10 years out of this puppy! ) 

Stunr99 13 March 2018

How about a 2nd gen Montero with the rear diff vs the Land Cruiser (98-99 UZJ100 (pre ATAC)?

Pat Bateman 18 March 2018

What s more capable this or a 2002 montero?

The Hitman 24 March 2018

I have a 2005 land cruiser and it s awesome!

4x4TV 28 March 2018

We found it insignificant at best.

Na B 04 April 2018

not one mention of atrac? jeezz

rocknrollax42 07 April 2018

get an early model 100 series, the 105 not the shitty ones with IFS, either the 4.5 or the 4.2, 3 inch lift, some muddys, remove the plastic bumpers, replace them with a bull bar and a steel rear bumper, and replace the side steps, with some sliders, and you re set

Sergey Khochay 13 April 2018

I have 3 Land Cruisers 80 100 and 200 and all 3 are different and the same: at the same time 80-Slow TANK 100-Faster TANK 200-Fast TANK.

Andy Tan 18 April 2018

And live front axle! The 105 series is actually based on the 80 series. I hate seeing SUV with IFS.

MonCruiser 24 April 2018

That Land Cruiser exists guys (105 series) just not for you

jan585 26 April 2018

4) The new 70 series in Europe! 5) Non-electronic fuel injection!

taitai907 30 April 2018

Or a Land Cruiser 70 with a 4.5L diesel V8 and a 5-speed manual. Too bad I live in the U.S.

4x4TV 07 May 2018

Now that you ve added that and we know the 93-97 models aren t eligible.might as well add 2WD-4WD switchable drivetrain. Might as well just go buy a good FJ60 -)

taitai907 10 May 2018

Oh, I forgot the manual transmission.

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