2015 toyota crown majesta

рейтинг: 3.9 - 9 voice
  • Дата публикации: 28 February 2018
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joseph downer 01 March 2018

Only one problem if i buy one of these.somebody needs to show me how to change the language.seriously.

Rocker Squad 06 March 2018

why they dont mske it left hand drive i have one 1996 and also toyota cressida 1996 left hand drive

Awais Rana 10 March 2018

Why most of the Japanese cars have just 180 speedo meter

fhhsvnggbh 13 March 2018

i really like these, was looking at a 2010 hybrid but cant find out how long the batterys last let alone how much it would cost to replace it in australia.

Toy Chi SFM The Little Unicorn Japan 20 March 2018

There No DOOR AJAR Warning Light in Instrument Cluster

Russian Animatronic 23 March 2018

I think a Japanese Sign on Toyota and I like door chime

SMAC 25 March 2018

Hey guys check out this video Toyota Crown 2013 Review

Bender Bending Rodriguez 27 March 2018

Toyota should export this car to the US, as that they can give the coup de grace to GM and maybe Lincoln.

Syeikh Husain Al-Banjari 02 April 2018

better than camry this is equivalent with S class.

Adam Gardner 08 April 2018

Quit leader critical evaluation throw drawing fly agency yourself environmental.

Azeem Khan 10 April 2018

bring a review of 2016 toyota surf

Allan Sanjaya 13 April 2018

wow nice but this is same camry

johnny grace 18 April 2018

Interior looks like 2014 avalon

An chỏi California 20 April 2018

i wish they have this car in the U.S

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